Jamplay Review 2019

Jamplay Review 2019 – our online guitar lessons review of the Jamplay training program. Is Jamplay worth the money in 2019? Find out here + jamplay coupon.

Jamplay is one of the top rated courses in online guitar instruction. Thanks to a number of excellent features, including preferred skill and style choice, a variety of songs, and a number of different instructors to choose from, Jamplay receives high scores from beginning and advanced guitar players alike. Going up to 10 weeks for each course, the program allows you to test it out before making a full investment. In our Jamplay review, we’ll discuss the various features of this program.

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Including music theory training, backing tracks, chord builder and scale finder tools, and a polished, pristine interface, Jamplay is one of the highest rated online guitar instruction interfaces available. It’s very reasonable, at just about $13 per month for the lessons, which are of very high quality. You can receive full one on one instruction and video chat with teachers, as well as the artist taught courses, one of the best features of the program (where pro artists tell you how they achieve unique sounds).

Review of Jamplay

Jamplay includes a number of great features, including cost affordability, as well as instruction from fully fledged professional guitar players. You can also take lessons that let you choose your preferred musical style. The program includes a number of bonus lessons such as bass instruction, speed and lead charts, and more. It also includes a forum for community discussion and support, games, and jam tracks. After using Jamplay for just a few weeks, you’ll find your practice level has improved enormously. The instruction quality may feel a bit intimidating at first just because it’s of such high caliber, but once you dive right in and start working, you’ll see that Jamplay has a high variety of offerings and very good quality instruction.

A Variety of Skill Levels

The program is ideal for amateurs or beginning guitarists who want to learn quickly and get started playing with others or solo. Additionally, Jamplay is great for adept players who might want to work on a specific skill when it comes to playing guitar. You might also enjoy this program if you are seeking to develop a particular musical style, like R&B or Jazz. If you’re just starting out, the program will guide you through each lesson so that you can catch on and get the basics under your belt, while still letting you learn at your own pace. For many individuals who are just starting to learn guitar, this can be a great way to get started. The program doesn’t overload you with material, instead offering you a number of basic phases that will allow you to reach mastery level in a short period of time. Once you have gotten to intermediate and advanced lessons, you can choose more difficult songs and practice exercises to achieve the next stage of guitar playing. Before long, you can quickly be playing with other guitarists, singers, violinists, and musicians of all varieties.

Online Instruction

Another great aspect of the program is that you can take the courses entirely online from the comfort of your home. The video quality is extremely high, allowing you to receive premium level of instruction through streaming home lessons. You can start at any point you wish — from the beginning or from a certain intermediate or advanced skill point. This means that the program gives you the ability to learn at your own pace.

For skill-based lessons, you’ll learn a number of different skills and styles through a signature tutorial session. The program teaches many different musical styles, including reggae, soul, rock, jazz, gospel, folk, funk, metal, country, classical, blues, celtic, bluegrass, and more.

Guitar Mastery

When you reach the point of mastery, you will learn to read rhythm and music, improvisation and theory, twelve string training, rhythm, maintenance, instrument care, and studio skills. You’ll also learn tips and helpers such as hammers, rakes, and pull-offs. When fully reaching mastery level, you’ll also learn to sing with the guitar and play at the same time.

Jamplay Features


There are a number of features within Jamplay that set it apart from other instruction types. For one, you can start by opening up HD video content that shows you fingerings, tablature, and positions for playing basic chords and melodies for the song structure.

Additionally, Jamplay features posture, guitar maintenance and care, and rhythm and strumming techniques. You will learn fret and hand posture, as well as scales and chord instruction. Another important feature is holding your pick and properly strumming, while music theory is another important part of the program.

For self taught players, you are taught in a slightly different manner. You’ll learn how to put together chord progressions, understand different musical mods, learn time signatures, and learn what makes up each chord. You’ll learn sheet music reading, tab reading, and using the metronome properly.

Jamplay Coupon Offerings

There are a number of Jamplay coupons available to receive a discount on the program. These include coupons for a discount when first signing up, as well as 25% off all the course material. Additionally, two coupon codes allow for 10% off any membership with the program as well as 25% off the first month of a membership plan.

Jamplay vs. Competition

There are other programs out there including Guitar Tricks, Justin Guitar, and Artist Works. Each of these sites provides some form of guitar instruction, including one on one tutelage and videos, as well as a level of skill ranges. You may find a variety of tutorials for Guitar Tricks and Justin Guitar, but in general, Jamplay beats out the competition by far due to its advanced number of features and user-friendliness.

After testing Jamplay versus other programs available, we found that the high availability of features and the simplicity of moving through course material made Jamplay one of the best programs available. With Jamplay’s enormous variety of environments in which to learn, skill choices, and overall affordability, this program beats out others by far.

Conclusion and Rating

As part of our Jamplay review, due to the enormous amount of features, musical styles, and instructional material, Jamplay receives our top rating of 5/5 stars. With many coupons available, you can try out the program at a reduced cost or simply explore the trial plan to see if it’s right for you. Whether a beginning player of a more advanced guitarist seeking specific skills, this program features something for everyone.