Guitar Tricks Review 2019

Guitar Tricks Review 2019 – our online guitar lessons review of the Guitar Tricks training program. Is Guitar Tricks worth the money in 2019? Find out here.

Guitar Tricks is one of the top providers of online guitar lessons. For beginners, intermediate guitarists, or advanced players, this program offers a number of songs, lessons, and key instructional materials. In our Guitar Tricks review, we’ll discuss the various features of this program, along with coupons and major offerings available when signing up. Allowing you to advance to the next level, play along with scale and chord finders, and jam with your favorite tracks, Guitar Tricks is both fun and highly educational. You’ll quickly be emulating your favorite guitarists using this advanced program — and all from within the comfort of your own home or anywhere you choose.

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Guitar Tricks has been around for quite awhile, providing high levels of instruction to players all over the world. Rather than forcing you through hours of difficult scales and boring material, the program teaches you songs right form the start. You’ll learn organically, using a program that is simple to navigate and designed to build on your muscle memory as you learn to play the instrument day by day. Featuring introduction programs like C and A minor scales and exercises, as well as intervals and picking techniques, the program helps to build up your progress throughout each lesson.


Guitar Tricks allows you to learn using 100% high def videos with three angle views, as well as studies on famous artists and guitarists from around the world. You’ll have access to the program’s specialized onscreen core learning notation, as well as a step by step beginner program for those just starting out.

Guitar Tricks also gives you a free trial period over 14 days, letting you test the program out to see if it’s right for you.

Starting Out

When you first sign up for the program, you’ll be able to watch tutorials on playing guitar, such as fret movement, chords, or scales. Using the 3 angle view, you can see what your instructor is actually doing so you don’t have to keep rewinding and trying to figure it out on your own. This is one of the best features of the program.

You can also take practice quizzes and songs as part of your learning materials. This will help to store each part of the program in your memory, making it easier to work through number of different songs very quickly.

Song Choices

Guitar Tricks lets you learn from plenty of different songs, including more than 500 different oldies that you’ll recognize in a heartbeat. The program gives you a guide for each one so that it’s much easier to learn through its videos and materials rather than on your own. The masters are giving you instruction here, which also adds to the amount of feedback you receive through each part of the course.

From Beginner to Mastery in No Time

Unlike a number of different online programs, this one teaches you very fast. Even if you’ve never played before, Guitar Tricks allows you to easily gain the skills needed to become an effective pro player. With more than 8000 lessons, the program continually builds on your abilities and skills so you never dry up with material to learn from. It is also one of the cheaper programs available, being $14 per month with a ton of great instructional programs to help you learn guitar.

The Core Learning System

Using a special area called the Core Learning System, Guitar Tricks takes you from beginner to advanced in short time. You’ll start off learning level 1 of each style of playing, such as blues, country, and rock. This helps you quickly pick up the basics for each style and learn exactly what you need to advance to the next level.

Experienced Player Options

For those with plenty of experience playing already, you can choose from a number of different sections such as Artist Studies, Chords, Scales, and Arpeggios, as well as Pursuit of Tone. There’s also a section called Art of Practice, which helps you to refine your practice ability. Through this section, you can learn the specialized tricks and styles of Chet Atkins, Kirk Hammet, BB King, and Django Reinhardt, along with many more.

Styles and Songs

There are a ton of great styles featured through Guitar Tricks, including jazz, rock, metal, country, soul, blues, classical, bluegrass, and acoustic. In addition, the program teaches you more than five hundred different songs when you first start out, provided you continue to play along with each lesson right up through to the next section. A few songs include Hotel California, Alive, Smoke on the Water, and Let it Be.

Online Learning Tools

Guitar Tricks

Plenty of tools are available for you to learn from, including the online guitar tuner, the jam station, the fretboard trainer, the metronome, and an interactive chord and scale finder. Each of these tools helps you memorize notes on the fretboard, choose from jam tracks to play with, and find chords and scales to help you master new content. The great thing about this aspect of the program is how easily you can download the tools to your own home computer, making it possible to learn anywhere you have access to your PC.


Using a specialized Guitar Tricks coupon code, you can get 60% off your first month. Simply use the coupon code link then go to the signup page. Once you get sent to the full access upgrade section, you will be prompted to enter the 60OFF coupon code, which lets you quickly receive a very useful discount.

Guitar Tricks vs Competition

There are several other online instructional guitar lesson programs out there, including Justin Guitar and Jamplay. While these are both rated quite highly, Guitar Tricks remains a great choice for both beginners and more advanced players.


Guitar Tricks is one of the best programs for new and advanced players alike, allowing you to quickly pick up new techniques and learn exactly what you need to excel. Using an affordable, easy to setup and navigate system, the program walks you through step by step and doesn’t leave out any material. Rated highly by users, Guitar Tricks is a great choice, especially using a coupon to get your first discount.