Jamplay vs Truefire Review 2019

Jamplay vs Truefire Review 2019 – comparison & review of these best online guitar lessons providers. Which is best in 2019, find out here.

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Jamplay vs Truefire 2017

When it comes to Jamplay vs Truefire for online guitar lessons, its program has specific pros and cons. Depending on your current skill levee, access to online lessons, and choice of song and styles, each program’s specific bonuses will be more useful to you. For example, if you’re seeking a ton of different lessons but more one on one instruction as well, it’s a better idea to pick Jamplay.


Truefire features a number of online video lessons you can download, supplemental horde charts and tabs, as well s more than 600 lessons and sons. The program covers a ton of different song lessons as well as many different styles and genres. Jamplay offers a number of excellent features as well, with more genre offerings than Truefire as well as a forum and chat for each of the lessons. With lessons covering beginner to advanced, Jamplay generally has a greater level of selection.

Online Instruction

Jamplay features a chord and scale area where you can see in depth explanations of each type of scale. The program also features metronomes, tuners, backing tracks, and a number of additional online tools, as well as a video player you can use to watch instruction from three different angles. Truefire also has metronome and backing track offerings, but the program’s overall instruction tends to be lacking a bit in comparison to Jamplay.

Interface and User Panel

Jamplay really takes the cake for the user interface with its personalized instructional UI that features badges, points, progress overview, lessons completed, and bookmarked areas of the site. Truefire’s interface is not as unique or in depth, without as many different features, though it is still quite acceptable.

Customer Service and Help

Both programs have active online help forums, with Jamplay providing the greatest amount of support in the form of live webcam chat, seasons with instructors and an active online forum, as well as a full refund policy for a whole week. The program has a great reputation for customer satisfaction, so users can rest assured they will make a decision that is backed by a safe and trustworthy program.

Pricing and Features

Jamplay and Truefire both cost the same at $19 per month, with coupons being available for Jamplay to receive a discount. You can actually gain up to a full month free when you use a discount coupon for bonus price reductions.

In terms of features, Jamplay has the most offerings, featuring instructions with actual pros in the field, as well as a number of styles and genres to choose from. You can start at any place you wish, whether it’s a specific area of practice (scales or chords) or an area of song playing or genre expertise. This allows plenty of freedom and flexibility when choosing your next point of instruction.


With top notch instruction, great choices in terms of styles and genre offerings, and a full refund policy over seven days, Jamplay receives a full 5/5 stars for our review of Jamplay vs. Truefire. In all, Jamplay has the best customer satisfaction, number of features and learning games, and scale/chord library.

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