Jamplay vs Rocksmith Review 2019

Jamplay vs Rocksmith Review 2019 – comparison & review of these best online guitar lessons providers. Which is best in 2019, find out here.

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Jamplay vs Rocksmith 2017

Jamplay vs Rocksmith is a comparison of two of the major guitar teaching instructional programs online. Jamplay has an excellent reputation for easy usage, whether you are a beginner or advanced player. In addition, Jamplay features plenty of instructional materials, tools, and methods for all players to work on during daily practice. Rocksmith is good for those seeking to learn rock methods of playing guitar, and actually doesn’t have as good a selection as Jamplay on the whole. Here is our comparison of these two programs side by side.


Both programs features chord instruction, style selection, and genre lessons to show you how to play in each style. However, Jamplay is far more comprehensive, featuring lessons in all different types and styles, ranging from rock to jazz to blues to country. Rocksmith features mainly rock and roll as the type of methods you will be learning, but it does offer some good features in terms of scales and chord teaching. However, for features, Jamplay has videos, online guides, live instruction, and a step by step learning play to help you easily pick up where you left off. Rocksmith doesn’t have this same level of instruction, making it the slightly weaker choice.

Instructional Materials

In terms of overall instructional materials offered, Jamplay features the greatest number of resources, ranging from the chord tuner to the music theory lessons. They also have live webinars with actual guitar pros who are ready to show you what you need to fully master the next level of playing. Rocksmith has some features and materials to teach, but their chord lessons and modes instruction is not as comprehensive as Jamplay. They also don’t have the same level of live one on one instruction that you can receive with Jamplay.

Music Theory Teaching

Both programs have some level of music theory instruction, with Jamplay featuring a full set of materials covering rhythm and time signature, chord structure, scales, fingerings, tablature, and the circle of fifths. They also show you exactly how the structure of each song works so you can fully understand the inner workings of the guitar. Rocksmith does not have this level of advanced music theory tutelage, making it slightly weaker in terms of music theory.

Guitar Care and Maintenance

Jamplay has a full set of guidelines on how to care for your guitar, keep it clean, store it, and properly replace strings. Rocksmith has a basic overview, but nothing more.

Customer Service

Both programs have fully automated helplines with Jamplay’s customer service being very top notch. This is probably just because the program has been around for a very long time and has many more users than Rocksmith.

User Feedback and Reviews

Those who’ve tried both programs tend to prefer Jamplay over Rocksmith simply due to the ease of which you can use Jamplay’s course materials. You can download them, play them on apps, or simply sit down to your desktop computer and start playing along on your guitar. This makes it very easy to quickly start working on your guitar practice anywhere you might be.


On the whole, Jamplay is our highest rated program with a full 5/5 stars for lessons, instructional programming, and overall ease of use. It is also cost effective and affordable, making it a great choice for anyone.

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