Jamplay vs Justin Guitar Review 2019

Jamplay vs Justin Guitar Review 2019 – comparison & review of these best online guitar lessons providers. Which is best in 2019, find out here.

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Jamplay vs Justin Guitar

In comparing Jamplay vs. Justin Guitar, you will likely find that there are aspects to both programs that provide important instruction. Learning guitar online requires a specialized program that provides you with exactly what you need to use to learn guitar effectively at any skill level. One major difference between these two programs is that Jamplay is a paid service while Justin Guitar does not cost anything up front. However, once you actually start downloading the tutorials on Justin Guitar, you’ll see that they aren’t of the same quality as Jamplay.

Features and Pricing

Justin Guitar does promote a number of different books and products as well as video tutorials. But you have to pay for these in order to actually use them. This means that Justin Guitar is marketed as being free, but in reality is not. It offers certain features such as instructional lessons, tutorials, and basic scale and chord materials.

Jamplay on the other hand offers a number of different tutorials, tools, and lesson plans to allow you to learn proper guitar instruction at your own pace. The only cost is the basic $19 per month associated with membership. This means that you can quickly and easily begin to set up your online guitar methodology to make it easy to learn just what you need.

Additionally, for the $19 up front cost you’re paying, you will receive access to a full list of genres and styles, tutorials, a community forum, online webinars and lessons, and many other offerings that make this program one of the best out there. In terms of features and pricing, Jamplay gets our highest recommendation.

Online Instruction Quality

With Justin Guitar, you are learning directly from one person, with most of the lessons being pre-recorded. With Jamplay, you can receive instruction from more than eighty different professional instructors, with more than five thousand high quality lessons in full video offered. Your lesson choices range from beginning materials to very advanced coverage, all of which is intended to teach you how to play major styles and songs using the guitar.

It’s worth noting that Justin Guitar actually promotes Jamplay on their website, so they realize that the important and high quality materials are actually being marketed on Jamplay’s site.

Fundamentals to Advanced Guitar Styles

As you start out on Jamplay or Justin Guitar, you’ll realize that both sites can pretty quickly teach you the fundamentals. However, if you intend to stick with guitar playing for a while, Jamplay is the best choice. This is simply because the site offers such in depth instruction — ranging from beginning lessons on acoustic, electric, 12 string, and every other type of guitar available. You will start out learning the basics and quickly progress to the more advanced methods of playing guitar. For this reason, Jamplay is considered the more comprehensive program out of the two choices.


In comparing Jamplay vs Justin Guitar, Jamplay definitely takes the top spot with a full 5/5 star rating. Including a number of different features such as professional instructors, more than 5000 videos, a low subscription price, and many online tools such as the metronome, chord finder, scale he per, and others, Jamplay is our top recommendation.

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