Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks Review 2019

Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks Review 2019 – comparison & review of these best online guitar lessons providers. Which is best in 2019, find out here.

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Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks 2017

In comparing Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks, there are a number of features and attributes for each program that may make it better for certain kinds of players. However, in an overall comparison, Jamplay typically wins out thanks to a huge user base that is growing daily, as a well as a ton of features, lessons, and styles to choose from. At just $19 per month, the program provides the same level of instruction you would get from learning through lessons from a pro guitarist face to face. Jamplay has a high reputation for excellence, providing some of the best and most comprehensive instruction available.

Lesson Structure

Jamplay sets up lessons based on difficulty, starting at beginner (easy) and progressing further on into intermediate and advanced. The lessons are based in a chronological order, so that you can advance step by step rather than having to work out of order. However, you also have the choice of working that way, selecting lessons that target a specific area you need to enhance in your playing ability.

Guitar Tricks uses a similar structure, but it is a bit more out of order so you don’t have the same organized instruction method. We found it was easier to use Jamplay’s method since it helps you quickly go from beginning to intermediate to very good in a short period of time. For this reason, Jamplay wins out in comparison for lesson structure.

Song and Genre Lessons

While both systems have a way to advance and learn through playing songs in a specific style, Jamplay has an extremely comprehensive song lesson database. Through the numerous choices, you can learn licks and riffs, scales, chords, and specific songs and styles such as blues, rock, and classical. You can also choose from tools such as the chord namer, the games tool, backing tracks, and the guitar tuner device.

With more than 2500 lessons and fifty instructors, Jamplay basically can teach you any style you wish to learn in a very short period of time. The instruction itself is top notch, providing very thorough and comprehensive lesson plans that also are taught by skilled guitar players.


Jamplay includes more frequent updates than Guitar Tricks, as well as a free trial and coupon period you can use to get a discount on your first month. For this reason, Jamplay wins out in terms of frequent changes and improvements to the database, keeping its content perpetually fresh and interesting. They also make regular tweaks to the site to make it easier to navigate.

Methods and Teaching

Jamplay is typically best in terms of teaching and methods, simply because you can quickly learn to play real guitar chords, songs, and melodies that are full and complete. The videos are also very entertaining and fun to learn from rather than being boring and kind of a drag. By practicing daily and dedicating your time to learning a little bit each day, such as fret movements and fingerings, you’ll quickly pick up new concepts and improve your playing.

Style Choices

Both methods include a number of different style choices, with Jamplay offering the most. Including country, folk, rock, rhythm and blues, and more, Jamplay has one of the most comprehensive style offerings you’ll find anywhere.

Beginner Offerings

Jamplay and Guitar Tricks both offer a number of selections for beginners, with Jamplay’s being more in depth. For Jamplay, you have two different choices when you first start out. Beginners who haven’t played before can choose from rhythm and strumming, maintenance and guitar care, posture, fret hand technique, scales and chords, and pick holding. Self taught players learn time signature and musical modes as well as how to build a solid practice routine.

App Support

Jamplay definitely has a more advanced layout for apps and iPhone support. Through the app panel, you can access iPad, android, and other versions of mobile support to have easy access to new content. It’s a great way to access lessons on the go using your mobile device. Guitar Tricks doesn’t quite have the same level of app integration at this point.

Community Forums

One of the great features of Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks is the availability of community discussions on Jamplay. Using the community tab, you will be able to quickly get in touch with teachers, community members, players, and others. This helps you socialize with people, learn new tricks, and maybe even form a band online. Jamplay even provides community giveaways each month, which are great for winning new prizes and features. This will help you to advance even more. It’s also a feature that isn’t quite as well supported under Guitar Tricks, which has good one on one support but their community is not as strong yet.

Chord Practice and Tuning

One of the best features of Jamplay is their chord finder, which lets you play various chords and learn the fingerings correctly using a color coded structure. This helps you learn the names of chords, the music theory behind them, and the overall layout of the fretboard and design of chords. You’ll learn how to position your hand correctly as well using this easy device, which has auto play and left/right hand versions too.

Guitar Tricks has a similar feature, though it’s slightly less advanced and for this reason, Jamplay wins our top rating on the chord practice and tuning front.

Live Webcam Webinars

Through Jamplay’s “Live” Section, you can see a live webinar with an instructor who is currently live on the webcam teaching a lesson. This feature can be sorted based on time zone, with instructors almost always being online and valuable to teach you new chords and styles. Guitar Tricks doesn’t have a feature like this yet, so it’s one of the main perks in the comparison of these two sites.


Ultimately, Jamplay definitely wins our number one rating and full 5/5 stars while Guitar Tricks still hasn’t quite lived up to this rating. Jamplay simply has better features, reputation, and overall tools to learn guitar quickly online. Whether beginning or more advanced, Jamplay wins as our best choice for all guitar playings in need of good instruction.

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