Guitar Tricks vs Truefire Review 2019

Guitar Tricks vs Truefire 2019 – comparison & review of these best online guitar lessons providers. Which is best in 2019, find out here.

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Guitar Tricks vs Truefire

Guitar Tricks vs TrueFire is a fair fight only in terms of volume of the two guitar lessons’ content banks, otherwise the former thrashes the latter in almost every respect. Guitar Tricks has about 11,000 guitar lessons. TrueFire has more than double this amount. Both websites boast of experienced and performing guitarists who are masters of their chosen genres. In fact, most of the instructors on TrueFire are celebrities in their own rights. Still, Guitar Tricks has the best beginner lessons, thought out intermediate and advanced sessions as well as appropriate practice resources. Here are other reasons why Guitar Tricks wins this comparison with five stars.

Beginner lessons

The suitability of almost all guitar lessons depends a lot, on how they structure beginner lessons. This is so because these lessons affect the overall success. Guitar Tricks has a sizable portion of its content bank dedicated to nurturing beginners. These lessons are so detailed and thorough that most learners are able to strum a few songs upon successful completion.

TrueFire has great lessons but unfortunately, none of these really targets newbies. Fresh learners as such, soon realize that if they want to use the website successfully, then they have to start out on a different platform where they can cover all the beginner session before resuming for intermediate and advanced lessons on TrueFire.

Comprehensive content banks

Both guitar lessons have comprehensive content. In fact, TrueFire’s content is probably equal to everything available in all reputable online guitar lessons combined. Most of these are products of very reputable guitar teachers with many years of experience. TrueFire’s single biggest undoing is lack of proper lesson structures.

Guitar Tricks too, has a huge content bank. However, each of the over 11,000 guitar lessons it has, all are part of a superb arrangement that puts every bit of content where it needs to be. Learners using Guitar Tricks as such, have an easy time getting to the content they want.

Competent master instructors

Again, both websites have resourceful instructors who are masters in their chosen genres. Most of these actually are performing guitarists. A good number of instructors on TrueFire for instance, are respectable celebrity guitarists. However, Guitar Tricks does outdo TrueFire in this regard, because all its instructors create personal connections with the learners. The website encourages interactions and this helps nurture the abilities of all learners.

Supplementary learning features

Guitar Tricks has several additional features that are helpful to both instructors and learners. Such features include chord and scale finders, fingerboard trainers as well as the metronome, which learners can use to create their own etudes for practice purposes. The website also sends preps and challenges to learners via email.

Moreover, the platform receives regular updates and all these seek to improve learner experience.

Proper pricing policy

Guitar Tricks does triumph over TrueFire for several reasons. However, the most important reasons that most learners consider is the cost. Guitar Tricks presents a better deal in this regard as well. For a monthly subscription of $19.95, learners have access to every resource the website has. TrueFire on the other hand, has different rates for classrooms, workshops and courses.

TrueFire is a reputable online resource, one that many guitar learners find resourceful. It however lacks proper structure and does not create personal connections. Its pricing policy is also complicated. Guitar Tricks is the better of the two. It is highly recommended.

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