Guitar Tricks vs Justin Guitar 2019

Guitar Tricks vs Justin Guitar 2019 – comparison & review of these best online guitar lessons providers. Which is best in 2019, find out here.

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Guitar Tricks vs Justin Guitar 2017

Anyone looking to learn the guitar should find this Guitar Tricks vs Justin Guitar review essential. As one of the very few honest reviews online, it looks at the premium Guitar Tricks and the freemium that is Justin Guitar from an objective perspective. Justin Guitar is the work of Justin Sandercoe, a devoted performing guitarist with an amazing passion for the art of playing guitar. The portal is a culmination of more than a decade and a half of his zeal. In all, this portal has almost 1,000 guitar lessons. That notwithstanding, Guitar Tricks is far superior to Justin Guitar and has everything you will ever need to perfect your skills.

Comprehensive content

Justin Guitar has more than 950 guitar lessons. Each of these took tenacity and dedication and as such, have great in-depth and perspective. The beginner lessons for instance, are very thoughtful and have a great structure that is easy to follow. This however, is very negligible compared to the lessons that Guitar Tricks makes available to its leaners. Firstly, the portal has over 11,000 guitar lessons modelled around more than 600 songs. These cover the entire breadth of guitar learning from beginner lessons right into master classes. Guitar Tricks indeed, is not the top guitar lessons website by default.

Appropriate and friendly beginner lessons

Developers of Guitar Tricks understand that beginner classes are the building blocks of any successful journey to mastering the guitar. These performing guitarists who are masters in their own rights as such, have put together comprehensive lessons that help learners get a firm grounding while developing preferred habits associated with playing the guitar.

Aside from the beginner lessons, Guitar Tricks offers practice lessons, challenges and preps sent to learners as email shots. These have etudes from different genres that help improve the scope of learners and train them to master and be comfortable in diverse genres. Justin Guitar is impressive but limited especially if you consider any extra learning resources it offers.

Diversity and expert input

Guitar Tricks has 45 expert tutors who are renowned performing artists. Their lessons benefit from their expertise. Moreover, every lesson offered on Guitar Tricks is thorough and very detailed with bits, tips and tricks that help make particular pieces even more interesting. Some tutors include in their tutorials, tricks like including ghost notes successfully when playing. Such insights make the lessons interesting and help learners think outside the box.

Appropriate for all competence levels

Unlike most online guitar lessons, Justin Guitar included, the lessons on Guitar Tricks are never redundant. Granted, the website does have a lot more concentration on beginners, advanced and expert levels, but it also offers insights to learners who have mastered the equipment. You can as such, rely on Guitar Tricks even if you just want to polish your skills or take refresher sessions.

Pricing policy

Learners enrolling for lessons on Guitar Tricks know exactly how much they will pay and what to expect. This is not the case with Justin Guitar. While Justin touts the website and the accompanying YouTube channels as free resources, learners soon realize that there are additional books, eBooks and jams that are essential for meaningful learning. When you add the cost of purchasing all these, you end up spending a tidy sum.

Justin Guitar is a noble idea and can help many people nurture their love for the guitar and even learn a few lessons. It however falls short of meeting the needs of people looking to play the equipment competently. Guitar Tricks is several performance levels above Justin Guitar. It is highly recommended and deserves a resounding 5/5 stars.

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